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The London Board History

The LBBO Board History

by Murray Foubert


Before the London Board was officially founded, basketball games were refereed through the London PUC Recreation office. This office was managed by Bill Farquharson, and the bulk of the games were refereed by John Metras, Ben Murray, Scott Laughton, Dutch Decker, George Hartwell, and Bill himself. Due to the limited number of referees, most games; high school, OBA, and recreational; were done with only one official.


During World War II and immediately afterwards, the university league was formed. It was called “The Big 4”; comprised of University of Western Ontario, Queens University, University of Toronto, and McGill University. This league also played a large exhibition schedule against numerous top American teams such as Kentucky, Wayne State, University of Detroit, and Bowling Green University. Home games were played in the London Arena but practices and exhibition games were sometimes held at H.B.Beal Secondary School. The officials of record were Dutch Decker (London), Kitch McPherson (Hamilton), Bill ‘Moose’ Rogin (Toronto), and an American official residing in Windsor. John Metras represented Canada on the rules committee in the USA at the time.


In the fall of 1950 Dutch Decker orchestrated the formation of “London Board of Approved Basketball Officials”. Ben Murray, Bill Gauld, Len Walzak, Tommy White, Bill Cunningham, Wacky McMackon, Benny Zaitcheck, and Al Landon were some of the original members. In the early years the members took turns assuming the positions of President, Secretary, and Assignor. In 1960 Frank Vigliante assumed the role of Assignor on a full time basis, a position he held for 16 years.


The London Board covered games in London, St Thomas and surrounding area until 1960, when the St Thomas members formed the “Elgin Board”.



Dutch Decker

Founder of the London Board, assisted with founding Ontario Board, refereed for 50 years, Inter-collegiate official, London Board Merit Award named in his honour.


Ted Earley

Long time Inter-collegiate official, assisted with founding Canadian Board, High School Boys Basketball MVP Award named in his honour.


Frank Vigliante

Long time official, London Board assignor for 16 years.


Hugh Schomberg

Long time inter-collegiate official, served on London Board Executive for many years.


Harvey Bishop

Life Member, refereeing for 40+ years, served on London and Ontario Executive for many years.


Murray Foubert

Life Member, associated with London Board 40+ years, Assignor 20 years. Most Improved Official award named in his honour.


Brian Orton

Long time Inter-collegiate official, served on London Board Executive for many years.


Don Cline

Long time Inter-collegiate official, numerous Provincial and Canadian Championships, represented Canada at many World Championship Tournaments, including The Olympics


Active and Inactive Members with 10 or more Years of Service


1950’s and 1960’s

Bill Gauld

Scotty Laughton

Dave Murray

Gord Jefferey

 John Metras

 Len Walzak

Marty Webber

Ben Murray

Don McCrea

Tommy White

 Bill Cunningham

 John Brickmanus

Wacky McMackon

Bob Berry

 Al Langdon

John Eberhardt

 Bat Gilson

Ken Porter

Barry Fay

Brian Hunter

Fred ‘Sparky’ Luscombe       

Bill Trout

Bob Campbell

 Jim Herbert

Bob Coates

Ab Wilson

 John Ambrose



Fran Wigston

Sheila Hayes-Pugh

Noralie Jackett

Kay Applebey 

Steve Ballantyne

Andy Patterson

Ted Gibb

Mark Trinnear

Dale Mitchell

Mike Foubert

Randy Telford

Albert Kanters

Don Boogerman

Glenn Greenfield

Ed Duffield

Kane Godwin

Becky Richardson

Jill Burke

Paul Brady

 Will Vandermoer

Dave Van Slingerland

Marty Anderson

Errol Joseph

 Bill Smith

John Kelly

Trevor Kerr 

Paul Martin

Blair Dixon

 Ted Choja

 Peter McComb

Paul McComb 

Les Sonier




Wayne Duncan

Mike Bannon

Randy Cook

Ken McManus

Rob Seip

Brian Young

Mike Mitchell

Doug Heath

Rob Arnett

Scott Hartley

Doug Romyn

 Dave Kelsey

Dave McKerlie

Ross Boll

Carlos Zigrovic

Carl Ferreira

 Greg Miller

 Ken George

Rebecca Richardson 





Deon Wright

Bert Pascuzzo

Bill Dell

Bob Kuiper

Shane Binns

 Peter Malcolmson

Andy Del Negro

Vicki Hammond

Dave Mahy

Rod Baird

Gord Clifford

Selwyn Daniel

Mike Nason

Paul Anthony

Kevin Coffin

Kyle Rysdale

 Larry Little



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